Kids Airway Dentist is brought to you by BOARD-CERTIFIED PEDIATRIC DENTIST, Dr. Lindi Ezekowitz 
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Kids Airway Dentist - Newburyport's Trusted Choice for Kids Airway Dentistry

Sleep Disordered Breathing Treatment for Children & Young Adults

We help young children with pediatric airway disorders maximize their ability to breathe in a healthy manner and promote proper jaw growth so they continue on the path of normal.
Kids Airway Dentist

 Newburyport's Trusted Choice for Kids Airway Dentistry

Kids Airway Dentist is brought to you by Dr. Lindi Ezekowitz of Newburyport Smiles Pediatric Dentistry, and Dr. Lindi sees her pediatric airway patients in this office.
Kids Airway Dentist - Child Airway

Understanding Your Child's Airway

Discover vital information about your child's airway health, and how it impacts their overall well-being and sleep quality.
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Kids Airway Dentist - Treatment Options

Innovative Treatments for Children's Sleep Disorders

Discover some of the treatment options available for Sleep Disordered Breathing in children.
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Kids Airway Dentist - Pediatric Breathing Disorders

Navigating Pediatric Breathing Disorders

Explore essential insights and solutions for managing pediatric breathing disorders, ensuring your child's healthy development and restful sleep.
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  • "We have used Dr. Lindi and her practice for years. She gets kids, my son went from hating the dentist to looking forward to it. She has needed multiple procedures and each one has been no big deal. She is super well-informed, up to date, kind and I am so sad my son will be aging out of the practice soon. She is awesome! Her colleagues are special too."
    Emily O.
  • "This dentist is terrific...we recently took our 3.5 year old and our 1-yr old for a joint appointment and they did a great job with all of us in the same room. They were engaging, and they have a TV to watch our kids' favorite shows to keep them engaged and calm. We had no issues with the kids, and the dentist and hygienist were both super clear with explanations, and very friendly. Highly recommend!"
    Jill H.
  • "I brought in my 2 and 3 year olds for a cleaning. It was their first time at the dentist and everyone at the office was exceptional. The dental assistant and dentist took the time to make sure my children were comfortable, answered any questions I had, and were very thorough with my 2 year old who had some issues with chipped front teeth. They were so kind and wonderful!"
    Janina P.
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Meet Dr. Lindi Ezekowitz

Dr. Lindi Ezekowitz is a board certified pediatric dentist with over 20 years of experience and one of only a handful of certified healthy start providers in the state of Massachusetts. She completed a year-long mini-residency in pediatric airway disorders which covered multidisciplinary topics including sleep medicine, ENT, orthodontics and radiology.
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Concerned About Your Child's Sleep-Disordered Breathing?

If you have questions or wish to schedule an appointment to discuss your child's sleep health, we're here to help.
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